•Ooooo he would love it. It boosts his ego sooo much. First time he hears it, he has to take a second and stop what he’s doing to take it in. But then he grins, and makes some stupid little comment like “Oh? I’m that good huh?”

•Jiraiya is incredibly caught up in it for a while. He looks forward to sex constantly, simply because she’s such a screamer. His ideal bed partner has to be loud and proud, so screams are just 10/10. It takes a while for him to realize that she’s just an avid screamer though, and that it might not have any correlation to his ‘skills’ in bed

•Sex with Jiraiya isn’t without little funny mishaps so I just imagine him trying to dirty talk his girl but he’s failing because her screams drown it out like 

“You like that? You—”


“Does that feel—”


“You want—”


he just learns to shut up and enjoy it

•Must admit though, sometimes the screaming is a litttttle too much. Besides the times he wants to dirty talk, Jiraiya is a man who can enjoy his softcore, relaxing sex. He understands if his girl is just a screamer and that she can’t hold it in, even when he’s not trying to go for wild sex, but it just ruins the mood a little sometimes