•Hashirama is the best when it comes to this stuff. He won’t ever push his s/o into it, no matter how eager he may be to make love to them. But he also knows how to ease them into it 

•If he really needs to take baby steps, Hashi gradually works his way up from gentle kisses to some hot but tender make-out sessions. He won’t let his hands wander until he feels his s/o is comfortable with it. Or, he’ll encourage his s/o to feel him up a little first. Like, he’ll guide their hands to his chest and just let them roam. His chest is so niceeeee

•From there, he’ll ask if they want to do anything else. If not, totally fine with him. Nice make-out and cuddling sessions are fine, he can live off of that tbh

•But if they want to take the next step, Hashi just starts by getting in a little booty squeeze and possibly going down to rub them over their underwear. Then he moves on from there


•I wouldn’t count on Tobirama having a huge problem with them being shy, or not really wanting sex in general. If it takes a while for them to open up and be ready for sex, that’s fine with him. He’s in no rush either tbh. Even if it takes years

•It might annoy him at some point though if they’re too shy in bed. He can be gentle, but there’s a point where he really can’t concentrate on making certain he’s tender and tentative. He’s a little handsy and rough when he’s in the mood, and has little tact sometimes

•He’ll be able to tell if he’s alarmed them by being too rough or fast though, so he quickly slows the pace. Only downside to this is that he’ll be too careful from that point on. He’ll feel a little guilty, maybe even embarrassed that he was moving too fast. He probably won’t recover from it until they show him that they’re willing and ready to endure his roughness, if they ever are

•Pretty much, the relationship is just lots of Tobirama trying to be tentative in bed, failing, and being really awkward about it afterward


•It’ll definitely entertain him at first. Just picture him with a little smirk on his face when he realizes they’re shy about those things. It’s not going to really disappoint him, per se. While Madara would enjoy sex in a relationship, it’s not a need. But the times he’s sexually frustrated are a bit risky, because he might come to resent that he can’t be with them like he wants to. Still, he’ll try his best not to pressure them

•He pretty much initiates and leads things in the bedroom in this situation. Not in a dominating way, rather, in the name of guiding his s/o and introducing them to their new sexual relationship

•Madara goes down on them/rubs and fingers them a lot in the process, relying mostly on foreplay to ease them into things. Foreplay is worth it to him in this case, because he gets to see what exactly gets his s/o moaning and whimpering