These are going under the cut just in case. As always these are just my opinions!

I feel Itachi would think a girl with long hair was pretty. Maybe black hair? And he has a thing for brown eyes, but he’s not really concerned about the color. Pretty eyes are pretty eyes. As for personality, he needs a mature and understanding girl above all

Kisame isn’t picky with the looks to be honest. Though because I see him becoming fond of a skilled kunoichi, maybe someone who in general just has that athletic, tough build? She has to look and be tough, but not to an obnoxious extent. She has to be capable of humor at times, and pragmatism at others

Sasori also isn’t picky about looks, but he would probably like an elegant, but simple look on a girl. Maybe short hair? Like a cute bob. It would be nice if she dressed casually but modestly as well. As for personality, Sasori definitely needs a girl who’s decently intelligent and also independent, so she’s not clingy or seeking attention all the time

Deidara I can see with another blonde? She would probably be pompous, like him, both with the looks and personality. If she’s hot, she knows it. And she shows it. That attitude will eventually annoy Deidara, but he tends to go for those sort of girls, for some reason. Alternatively, he might like the complete opposite too: a quiet, subservient girl who won’t give him much trouble

In order for Kakuzu to have a girl, she definitely has to be noteworthy. Whether that’s via looks, or fighting skill—she has to be eye-catching. I’d say it’s more of a skilled warrior that would do it for him. Personality-wise, what he looks for is pretty simple: she just can’t be annoying

Hidan is pretty tricky. Honestly the only type he has is someone who also worships Jashin? If he even has a type at all, I mean. Pretty much, they have to have similair goals. If you don’t have something to do with Jashin, then he don’t want you. If not, then at least someone who doesn’t make fun of him for being a Jashinist. She has to respect that. He’s not really concerned about looks though

Konan doesn’t have a preference on looks, but she does find abnormal hair to be pretty. Probably because she has it herself. She just likes a cute girl, in general. And the girl needs to be good-hearted and kind, above all

Nagato thinks it’s kind of sappy, but he loves a girl with a nice smile. A pretty smile is big for him. And a girl who’s easy on the eyes. Bright-colored eyes are always nice. But at the end of the day, it’s the personality that does it for him. Someone kind and selfless, like him, is what he looks for

Obito thinks it’s a little rude to have preferences in women, yet he has them anyway. Brunettes and redheads are his type, and someone with big, inviting, pretty eyes. He also likes a motivated girl who works hard and has ambition. Also a girl who is willing to put up with his antics