@thelazyslytherin Hey!! I’ve been doing a little better. I have my good and bad days. But being on the blog and talking with some of my followers has definitely helped me. I do know it’s going to take time, so I’m just hoping I can do well in the interim. Thanks for checking up on me fam ❤

Most definitely. While him living would have been a good thing for Madara, Izuna would have also presented wayyyy too many problems when it came to tension with the Senju. He would have never wanted Uchiha to make peace with the Senju, I agree

I didn’t even know that was a thing until I saw some pics and wowwie he’s a cutie

AHHH thank you ❤ I’m so glad ❤ glad to be back!

I don’t mind! I’m only hesitant if it’s a blog that doesn’t follow me/know me at all and they’re just some random blog from completely different fandoms asking for a shoutout, which has happened once before. I prefer keeping blog promos to fandoms I write for/fandoms that are similair to mine. But I do get a lot of promo requests so if you’re asking because I haven’t answered yours yet, don’t worry! I just get a lot sometimes and like to space them out

Hmmmm so I’ve been thinking about this since it was sent in and I honestly think it depends on Madara’s agenda. Like how loyal is he to this king? How much does he like them? There might be a chance Madara could talk the King down from his execution sentence. If he didn’t have that much fondness for the king, Madara might try to escape with the baby and his baby momma? Maybe that’s a little ooc. I’m not sure, but this a super interesting question. I think it entirely depends on what kind of guy Madara is in this AU and how much he cares about the princess

I like Obito! I do think he made lots of wrong choices, but he definitely wasn’t in the right mind as well. I think he might have fell over the edge a little too hard after Rin’s death and that if it hadn’t hit him so hard, he might have led a better path. But I feel for him. I don’t hoe for him that much and don’t mention him much but he’s probably one of my favorite characters tbh. He just has a good backstory and he fit into the plot well. He was just a victim of tragic circumstances unfortunately (circumstances being ofc Madara/Kaguya’s plot) poor dude

AHHHHH I am so flattered omg and also happy for you (((: glad you getting some nice nsfw on the blog. hmu with the blog URL so I can check it out if you want!!!! I’m glad I could be a hoe inspiration ❤ I love inspiring the hoes