•Gaara loves the Suna, so he doesn’t necessarily require that they leave for the honeymoon, but if his s/o wants to leave, then that’s fine with him. It just can’t be to somewhere too far since he’s still Kazekage, and he doesn’t have a large time frame to be missing out on work

•To be honest I feel like Naruto would go crazy for Gaara’s wedding and be so excited that he’d offer to ‘hook him up’ at a nice inn in the Land of Fire, preferably near Konoha. And Gaara wouldn’t mind. The Land of Fire is beautiful so it’s a good place for a honeymoon

•A nice little inn is probably the best place for a honeymoon in Gaara’s mind. He and his s/o are catered to by the owners and can enjoy the hot springs together. It’s just relaxing, and Gaara needs a relaxing honeymoon above all

•If you mean in a Modern AU then it’s also up to Gaara’s s/o. He’s really not picky, and would rather them pick their dream honeymoon and be happy with it. If it was completely up to him though, Gaara likes unconventional places. He’d be happy renting a little cabin out in the woods somewhere and spending his honeymoon there

•Beaches and tropical destinations don’t always wow him, since the heat and the sand is what he’s grown up with. He might also like a very tour-based honeymoon? Like a trip through Europe, visiting places like Paris and London, etc. Just imagine Gaara’s s/o taking cute pictures of him standing awkwardly next to the Eiffel tower or something. So cute

•Pictures would probably be a huge part of honeymoon travels for Gaara. He’s not really a guy who enjoys pictures being taken of him, but he finds that his s/o wants to snap the memories, so he’s fine with it. He’ll probably enjoy looking through all the pictures he has at the end of the trip and pick his favorite one to keep in his wallet or in his office