I think you mean the Espada? If not then feel free to correct me! I do former and current main Espada so there’s more than 10 if that’s cool

Starrk pretty much leaves it up to his s/o, until they suggest actually going out somewhere and actually doing things. Then he complains. He enjoys stay-at-home dates, whether at his place, or his s/o’s. Seems pretty obvious. He can maybe go out for movie dates, but ends up falling asleep in the theatre

Nelliel loves all kinds of dates. Unconventional dates, most of the time. Like sneaking into private property to find a nice place to just sit and hang with her s/o. She knows it’s bad, and wouldn’t condone it any other time, but it’s just fun. Otherwise, simple cute dates are nice. Like going to the pond to feed the ducks or mini golfing, fun stuff like that

Harribel will really do whatever her s/o wants to do. If her s/o can’t decide, then Harribel will suggest something like a park date or a cafe date

Ulquiorra is not a date kind of guy, so he honestly doesn’t know what to do. He might like a cafe date too. Or a home cooked meal date night. Something simple where he doesn’t have to go all out. It’s not that he’s lazy or cheap, he just isn’t a social kind of guy. Maybe a museum date as well?

Nnoitra detests going on dates. He hates trying to be a romantic. Even in a human AU, his mind is only on getting into trouble tbh. He’d much rather be at a bar getting into fights. So tbh, a bar is probably the only place he’d go for dates. And honestly, he’s the dude who hopes someone tries to hit on his s/o so he can beat them up. Such a dick lmao

Luppi is also not a fan of dates. He doesn’t want to waste time or money on dates. In the end, he’ll probably go do whatever his date wants to do, but he’s sulking the whole time

Grimmjow is kind of like Nnoitra, in the sense that a bar fight is his ideal date activity. If he can get into a fight on the date or tell some guy off, then it’s a good date. But tbh, he’ll endure a nice restaurant date if his s/o implores him. He’ll look grumpy the whole time but he will endure if he has to

Zommari can be quite the romantic if he puts his mind to it. A nice candle-lit dinner is his go-to date if he really wants to impress his date

Szayelapporo thinks that long walks at night are sufficient dates. He’s not really about romantic dates unless he’s in the mood, or if he’s trying to impress someone to gain something. Otherwise, walks are his go-to dates. It’s kind of boring, but he likes it. It gives him the chance to talk his date’s ear off. Usually dates consist of him talking about himself most of the time anyway

Yammy probably thinks going out to get food is a good date. But he’s also cheap as hell, and sort of expects his date to pay for their own food. But if he has to, he’ll go ahead and pay for them. It’s not going to be a nice fancy restaurant either. Literally, just some random burger joint