•Well this is going to be a wild ride for the s/o because she has two very intense lovers but for two different reasons

•Hashirama’s only goal is to please. It’s all about her 100% of the way. If the pussy is available to eat, he slides in and goes to town. Makes her eyes roll back he’s so good. If Madara is using her mouth, you can find Hashi having her sit on his face and working her clit while she sucks on Madara. That’s their typical threesome foreplay

•Madara does find pleasure in pleasing her, but seeing that Hashirama has taken that job upon himself, Madara can focus on really getting in a good fuck. He’s not really threatened by Hashirama, so he has no need to try and outdo him and start a competition, which means this can actually be really good, concentrated sex

•If this girl is down for anal, then that’s perfect because Madara is so into anal, and he’s more than happy to let Hashirama have her pussy if it means he can take her from behind. But he’s incredibly rough and probably leaves red marks all on her ass because of the spanks he gives her, and how hard he grabs a handful of that ass. Meanwhile, Hashi is probably underneath her, nipping at her neck or her breasts, whatever he can reach, holding her in a nice and gentle embrace in an effort to offset how rough Madara is being

•Hashirama also loves kisses during sex, so any position where he’s facing her is optimal, which is why he’s totally fine with Madara taking her from behind

•Hashirama isn’t greedy, so even if he has to settle for a half-assed handjob while she’s getting fucked by Madara, that’s fine. As long as he can play with her boobs and kiss her and caress her, Hashirama is content. He’s also fine waiting his turn to be inside her, because that’s the type of dude he is. Patient, and actually generous since he’s “giving” Madara the first turn. And Madara does admittedly want to come in/on her first

•Only way Madara is content not getting to fuck her is if she has good head game. Then he’s fine just sitting back on the couch or lying down somewhere while she sucks him off, and Hashirama can do whatever he likes with her. Hashirama’s pace is usually nice and gentle too, so the blowjob won’t be interrupted by too much roughhousing. I mean, it will be once Hashirama gets that good, deep pace. Then it’s almost impossible for her to concentrate because she’s getting dicked down so good. Madara resents it but oh well. He’ll give Hashi credit where it’s due

•Conversely, Hashirama isn’t getting good head or a good handjob if Madara is fucking her good, because he can be really rough and she just can’t concentrate, let alone get a good grip. She’s afraid she’ll bite down on Hashi’s dick if Madara is really plowing into her from behind lol, so it’s best if she not try to give Hashi head while Madara is fucking her

•In general, Hashirama is better at pleasuring her for an extended time, while Madara will get her coming fast with how rough and intense he is. So it’s only reasonable Madara will come first with her or after her. That’s when he doesn’t mind sitting back and getting a lazy blowjob while Hashi gets to focus on her

•If she wants to be teased and edged, Madara is the best guy for that. If she wants constant and generous pleasure, Hashirama can offer it. It’s honestly the perfect dynamic for a threesome. She’s a lucky gal