I have some Itachi here!


•Meme master. Loves sending memes. Always seems to have the right meme for every occasion

•Shisui is the type who has those days where his texts are dry as hell, and other days he’s replying back within seconds. It all depends on how busy he is

•However Shisui is really good about letting you know that he won’t be able to text much on a certain day. Mainly the “Hey, I’ll be busy today so sorry if I don’t get back to you fast” texts are reserved for close friends, or especially for someone he’s talking to, aka a potential s/o

•So good at iMessage games. He’ll beat you in 8 ball in one turn. It’s super frustrating. Shisui flirts through playing iMessage games actually lmao. He loves teasing the people he plays against while he beats them

•Really bad at falling asleep if he’s got a conversation going on at night. He always wakes up the next morning and apologizes, and promises himself that next time he’ll make sure to send a goodnight text when he feels like he’s falling asleep, just so he doesn’t leave them hanging. He hates it when people do that to him. He usually ends up failing though. Just expect Shisui to fall asleep on you midway through the conversation if you stay up too late. His bedtime is like, 9

•His favorite emoji is✌🏻

•A chill texter, doesn’t worry about punctuation or capitalizing. Has his autocorrect off though so he misspells so many words, sometimes you can’t even understand what he’s trying to say