THANKS FAM!!!! and this is going to go under the cut because there’s some sensitive material involved!


•Obito just feels so bad for them, his heart actually breaks when he finds out. If his s/o has insecurities because of what their parents did in the past, then Obito might have noticed these insecurities before. So now knowing the root of those problems, he just feels even worse

•He does everything he can to make them feel better. Admittedly, he sometimes goes overboard with the compliments and doting, so he’ll have to find a balance. But overall, he tries so so hard to make sure his s/o isn’t feeling down at any point in time. With Obito, if his s/o is feeling bad, it hits him too. It actually agonizes him

•Not that Obito wasn’t cordial and cautious before, but he makes sure his s/o is in a safe environment all the time and also makes certain he watches what he says just in case something he says accidentally hurts them. It probably won’t happen often, but Obito is the type who might joke around with his s/o by calling them or something they’re doing stupid, so he makes sure not to do that anymore


•Tbh he’ll say some really insensitive stuff at first, not understanding that empathy is needed in this situation. Something like “And? They’re morons. Forget about them. Don’t tell me it actually bothers you.” 

•Which is pretty much the basis of his thoughts on the subject. He doesn’t understand why his s/o takes it so seriously. If their parents were stupid enough to talk down to them like that, then his s/o should have known not to take them seriously. He doesn’t get why those words would hurt them 

•But eventually, he might come around and see that it really did bother his s/o, and maybe still does. The scars from that type of abuse don’t always go away

•Grimmjow will try and force himself to ease up on them from that point on, though it doesn’t work completely. He probably calls his s/o stupid all the time, just because that’s really the only decent nickname he can think of. It’s just so natural to him. He doesn’t realize how it might bother them until he hears about their past. But even then, even if he tries to lay off on using it, he probably fails. It just slips out. If it visibly bothers his s/o he’ll just tsk and give his form of an apology, like, “Oi, I didn’t mean it like that, ya know”


•First of all, Aomine is pissed with the parents. He can be a dick himself, but he doesn’t understand why his s/o’s parents would be that horrible. From that moment on, he probably shit talks his s/o’s parents quite a lot, no matter how much they tell him not to. He just can’t help it. He kind of becomes that confidant who will get just as heated as you do if you’re upset at someone, but he overdoes it

•For example, he’s probably not afraid to go off on the parents face-to-face, if he ever had the chance. He knows it’ll ruin the relationship between his s/o and their parents, probably, but he can’t help it. He feels the need to defend his s/o the best he can because he’s just so irritated. Aomine doesn’t like the thought of his s/o being treated that way, even if it’s by the s/o’s parents

•Even if it was all in the past, Daiki still wants the opportunity to lay into the parents somehow. But if it’s not possible anymore, like, maybe the s/o isn’t in contact with the parents anymore, then he vents out his frustration in different ways. Which is kind of bad, because one way is that any time anyone bothers his s/o just a little, he goes off. He’s just much more protective after he realizes what they’ve gone through in the past