Not that anyone needs these but my fam @supah-novah-betch and I were going crazy over college professors!founders trio so here u go


•Philosophy professor? Mayyyyybe something in the biology field? But I see him more Liberal Arts

•Will round you up to an A without question. Even if you have like… an 86, he’ll still give you an A if he likes you and you give him puppy dog eyes

•Wears goofy but cute shit to class. Such a bowtie professor

•So bad with organizing PowerPoint and lectures. He’ll literally be like “I gave up on the PowerPoint at this point so uh…. I think I’ll just make up the rest as I go along (:”

•Comes in late to class with Starbucks all the time so none of his students have to be on time either. Sometimes comes in with a hangover and let’s the class do whatever they want while he sleeps at his desk. Only reason he hasn’t gotten in trouble is because his students love him and they won’t snitch

•The professor you run into at bars on the weekends. Will definitely have a drink with you. Will actually BUY a drink for you (whether you’re at the legal drinking age or not. He’s usually too drunk to ask for an ID tbh)

•His office hours turn into hangout sessions with his students. No matter how hard he tries to keep everything centered around curriculum, it always comes back to him and his students just sharing memes with each other or something like that. What a dork

•Lets class out 20 minutes early if he’s in a good mood (which is almost every day). Real MVP


•Political science or government professor most definitely. Maybe something science-y like biology

•"89.9 is still a B" type of asshole

•Will get into arguments with his students constantly. He’s not afraid to sass the shit out of someone if they try to get smart with him. And you’re probably not going to win an argument with Tobirama, so students just learn to keep their mouths shut

•If you come to his office hours he’s actually much more pleasant than he is in lecture. Good chance he’ll become somewhat fond of you if you make an effort in class and come see him in office hours, because if you’re genuinely interested in the curriculum, he respects you

•Writes the most savage feedback on papers though. Halfway through, his comments just turn into question marks, or a simple “No.”

•Hiruzen is the teacher’s pet and eventually becomes his TA or grading assistant

•Type of professor who expects you to read the syllabus like a bible. If you miss the online exam because you didn’t read it on the syllabus, then oh well. 0 for you. He’s not one to remind his students in class about upcoming assignments. He figures he should prepare his students for the “real world” and turn them into responsible adults. You’re just stressing them out Tobirama, chill

•No extra credit. Believes you should’ve done it right the first time


•He might teach some sort of social studies? History? Human development? Sociology? It’s actually difficult to say

•Definitely has a few favorites in his class. The ones who makes good grades and ask good questions. But asking too many questions annoys him. He honestly hates those kids that feel the need to raise their hand after everything he says because they want to show off how much they know

•You better not be on your phone during lecture because if he catches you, he just stops talking and looks at you until you notice. Then everyone else is looking at you too. And it’s dead silent. He figures the best way to discipline kids is to embarrass them. So mean

•As stern as a professor as he can be, he’s still got jokes. Will say something humorous every once in a while that reminds the class he’s not just a total asshole. But they’re usually snide little jokes, like savage jokes that make you go “Dude… did a teacher really just say that”

•Gives lots of pop quizzes just to make sure you’re paying attention

•Is randomly lenient some days. For example, he’ll randomly announce that he’s canceling an assignment or postponing a test. Doesn’t really give a reason why. Probably because he wants to give his students a break. He’s hard on them, but if he’s pleased with the overall grade averages, he’ll cut them some slack

•Don’t pack up your bags to leave class until he gives you permission. If he hears even one backpack being zipped he pauses for a moment, let’s the class know he’s displeased, then continues when the zipping stops. Such an ominous, threatening professor omg Madara