•Okay so I don’t remember exactly how old Kakashi was when he was still an ANBU, so assuming it’s when he was older, he’s still probably not at an age or a position in his life where he’s ready for kids. I don’t see Kakashi planning for kids at any point in time in his life tbh, so it’s definitely going to be difficult hearing that his s/o is pregnant

•When his s/o first tells him about the pregnancy, Kakashi probably takes a few days to himself. He knows it’s irrational, but he’s mad at his s/o. He’s mad at himself. Mad at the situation. They should have been more careful. And he has no right to tell his s/o to get rid of it or anything extreme like that, and he knows how dishonorable it would be to abandon them with his child, so he’s trying to wrap his head around the situation and the reality that he’s going to be a dad, whether he likes it or not

•His relationship with his s/o will be strained at first. He knows he can’t blame them for what’s happened, but Kakashi can be a little petty, so he doesn’t know where to direct his anger. On account of this, he’ll be a little distant from his s/o in the beginning while he’s still trying to figure everything out. He’s still incredibly busy with his Anbu work so that’s a good opportunity to get away from them

•One of the worst phases is when everyone starts hearing about the pregnancy. Some will congratulate him, others will sneer—either way, Kakashi is a little embarrassed and overwhelmed by the attention

•It’s just one of those phases during the pregnancy where he’s really wrapped up in anxiety and doubt. He’ll come to accept the pregnancy and know that there’s nothing that can be done about it. At that point, his concerns lie with actually being a father. Is he going to be a good one? Will he be able to provide for the baby and his s/o? He just doesn’t know

•Around the time the baby is going to be born, Kakashi would decide to make amends with his s/o and apologize for being so distant during the pregnancy. It was definitely the worst possible time for him to leave them alone. They probably went through so much and he knows he needs to make up for that, so he makes a promise to himself to try to be a good father, and to be there for his family