aw cute request. Thanks!

Soi Fon: This may sound cliche, but a cat cafe date would be so cute. Cats+tea=perfect for Soi Fon. But a regular cafe date is also nice

Gin: He’s likely to surprise his s/o by not telling them where he’s taking them for a date. He’ll just tell them to get in the car and go. This is oddly specific, but I see Gin coming up with a date like: driving to a cliff that has an amazing view of the stars at night and just sitting in the car with his s/o to stargaze

Unohana: A walk through the park might seem too plain as far as dates go, but Unohana really like sit. She likes being surrounded by all the green and sunshine. Plus, it gives her and her so quality time together

Aizen: Hmm he might think a museum date is decent enough. He can enjoy the artistic culture there. He’s not huge on romance, but a museum is a setting that’s intimate enough for him and a s/o to enjoy 

Byakuya: He might take a date to an opera or the ballet. He’d also do something simple like a dinner date. But the restaurant he picks is anything but simple. It’s going to be the most expensive place in town

Komamura: Hmmmm dates with Komamura are difficult, especially in the human world/human AU situation because he’s uhhhhh a dog. He’s probably most comfortable at home with his s/o. Although, he’d start feeling anxious and guilty about not being able to go out and enjoy the world with his s/o. So maybe a movie date? Just somewhere where he doesn’t have to be seen by too many people

Kyouraku: He’d love a picnic date! Or something outside in general, maybe a strawberry picking date or a pumpkin patch date, if it’s in season. OOOOO or he’d love to take a cooking class with his s/o. Probably Italian (:

Tousen: Of course he can’t fully enjoy a date that requires visual stimulus, but I feel he could still enjoy fun dates. A trip to the farmer’s market with his s/o would be nice, because he can still smell all the spices and food around him. Or maybe just sitting and watching the sunset, feeling the sun rays on his face

Hitsugaya: He’s not the biggest fan of dates, so his s/o will have to settle with something kind of boring like a date in his backyard or something like that. But maybe they’ll be lucky on holidays and convince him to go watch fireworks? He might be down for that

Kenpachi: He’s not the best when it comes to picking dates. His s/o will probably have to decide on a date. But as far as they go, any date where he could possibly end up in a fight with someone is great. Probably a bar or somewhere they can grab a drink, so some drunk dude tries to start some shit with him

Ukitake: He can do a fun cheesy date, like karaoke, just as easily as he can do something romantic, like making his s/o a homecooked, candle-lit meal. (Would also give in to a double date with Kyouraku if the latter begged him)