hmmm this is a bit of a controversial topic so I’ll put it under the cut justttt in case. just my opinion btw, as all my imagines are

Hashirama is genuinely not picky when it comes to body type. Although, he thinks the… slim look is nice? The slim look can be elegant. Not too thick, not too thin, just in between. If we’re talking on a fem partner, he does like a nice pair of boobs though. Loves boobies. Small boobs are also cute though. Otherwise really, he doesn’t go for a certain body type. If anything, he’d find out he had a preference after he started liking you, because he’d go like ‘damn I like her and wow nice bod I like that too I have a type now’

Tobirama is picky tbh. He kind of likes the athletic look. Athletic or ‘fit’. Can also a appreciate a more full body type though. It really depends. Like, he doesn’t go crazy for the voluptuous look. Doesn’t like the thin as stick look either though, so some shape and tone is definitely appreciated. Nice firm booty too. He loves it. And like his bro, some boob is appreciated. I ALSO REALLY HEADCANON HE LIKES A SHORT PETITE S/O HE LOVES IT it’s so cute

Madara is picky too, but he’s hard to pinpoint tbh. Sometimes I think he’d really enjoy a shapely s/o, other times, he can do without it. The slender look is nice. Curves are also nice to Madara, but not too curvy. Can honestly be a bit of a turn off if the hourglass shape is too big? And just to throw it out there, he really likes stomachs. So flat stomachs are honestly very appealing to Madara. Likes how smooth they look, but his s/o doesn’t have to have one. He knows flat stomachs aren’t a given. I think his main thing is legs though. Really likes legs and hips. I feel like Madara thinks the pear shape (that’s what it is right) where the gal doesn’t have too much going on in the chest area, but some nice hips and booty, is really appealing. I just imagine him loving a girl with the pear shape