•Izuna is most definitely better at wooing than Tobirama is, so he has a much easier time getting close to the woman. That doesn’t mean she’s going to like him though, because Izuna’s personality is rather abrasive and forward, in a different way than Tobirama’s is. While Tobirama just has poor people skills when it comes to pursuing a woman, Izuna gets hyped up on confidence and gets into that annoying egoistical mind set where he thinks he can win any girl over

•But again, he’s not as smooth as he thinks he is. Izuna is too cocky at times. He tries hard to get close to the woman, even if it means being obnoxious and pushy. Once he can see that’s not working, and maybe even see that she’s turned off by how forward he’s being, he tries a different approach 

•Unfortunately for him, Tobirama has been in the background, a little more collected about his feelings and honestly trying to shut them away. He probably saw how much Izuna was chatting up the woman, and figured he shouldn’t get involved and get his hopes up, even if he did have feelings for her. But Tobirama seems like the more inviting of the two at this point. Let’s assume Tobirama has been introduced and acquainted with this woman already, then they have a better chance at connecting, even with how unapproachable he can be

•So they both have their own separate relationships with the woman. It all depends on who is catching her attention and being pleasant to see which man she ends up being fond of. She might enjoy how laid-back Tobirama can be if he’s not too anxious or flustered because of his feelings. He can be good company if he tries. As for Izuna, maybe she likes more of a bad boy? Someone who’s more openly haughty? It just depends

•They both have their bad sides though. They both have equally plausible opportunities to piss her off. Tobirama is just too blunt, and might offend her. Izuna has no filter, and will speak his mind and be petty if he’s feeling it. The biggest drama will probably come about if one of the boys pisses her off and she seeks company in the other. This brings up some bitterness, resentment, and probably jealousy, more visibly on Izuna’s side

•Izuna is more likely to convey these feelings of jealousy given the chance. Like making snide remarks about Tobirama in front of her, or giving her a displeased sneer if she mentions him 

•Tobirama is much better about containing this, mostly because he doesn’t want to peg his pride and make it obvious that he’s feeling jealous, or rather, “untrusting” of Izuna. That would be his excuse, he doesn’t “trust” the Uchiha. When really, he’s just concerned that she’s becoming a little too fond of Izuna and it’s kind of threatening his own feelings for her. Lots of Tobirama’s internal conflict about this whole situation just revolves around him wanting to “protect” her from Izuna and the Uchiha in general

•Tobirama and Izuna won’t really confront each other about the situation. Izuna is likely to antagonize Tobirama given the chance, but that’s the most that would happen. Like making certain that if he mentions the woman’s name in front of Tobirama, it’s extra loud and with lots of emphasis, just to make sure Tobirama hears it. Just little things like that. Izuna is just petty like that. Otherwise, they’re both rather quiet about it. I see them being private people about their feelings, especially if they’re not certain that the woman reciprocates those feelings