I shall do both and see how it goes. and omg thank you so much ❤ I really enjoyed writing this


•“Fluffy” isn’t the best way to describe fluffy moments with Tobirama. They’re mostly moments where he’s relaxed and willing to be a little vulnerable. If it’s with a s/o, these moments come more often than you might expect

•He’s not big on kisses or physical affection for the most part, but giving his s/o a kiss before they go to bed is a custom he would get used to. Even temple kisses are possible

•He’s not the easiest person to get along with, and he knows this. If he upsets someone he’s close to, he’ll often come around and make up for it in some way. It’s rare that he directly apologizes, since it hurts his pride. But he will let them know he understands that he was being harsh or offensive, and make a conscious effort to be softer with them that day

•It’s difficult to imagine Tobirama with a s/o since he’s so busy with Hokage duties, but he personally becomes… better with a s/o? Not that the relationship won’t be toilsome, since he’s a toilsome guy, but he notices that the sentiment really grows on him in many ways

•For example, he sleeps better with a s/o. Something about knowing they’re next to him at night just makes it easier for him to sleep. He finds it’s difficult to sleep without them once he becomes used to it

•He’ll also put his s/o’s well-being before his own at the end of the day. He’ll starve if it means they get to eat, freeze at night if it means they hog the covers and stay warm, pretty much anything. Their needs go before his own. He’s stubborn and might even seem selfish at times, but it’s the opposite. Tobirama isn’t selfish when it comes to a s/o

•As for domestic headcanons oooo let’s see. Tobirama fluctuates between being extremely clean and extremely messy. He’s a perfectionist by nature, so if he sees his workspace is out of sorts, he quickly cleans as much as he can. But it just gets messy again. He does so much work that his desk is bound to get unorganized. It’s a never ending cycle

•Tobirama sometimes has a poor eating schedule because he’s so busy with work. He doesn’t mean to starve, it just happens if he comes home late and doesn’t get the chance to make himself something to eat. He’s either too tired or too absorbed with doing more work


•Kakashi’s version of fluff is also different. It’s more dorky, then anything. Once he’s comfortable enough around someone, he’s alright letting his guard down and really enjoying himself

•Kakashi can enjoy just lounging around on the couch or a hammock with his s/o, them lying on his chest while they both read a book

•And sometimes if his s/o falls asleep on him, Kakashi will run fingers through their hair just to occupy himself. He’ll also do it to help his s/o fall asleep if needed, because it’s relaxing. He gives good head massages tbh

•It’s a difficult task to gain his trust, but once it’s achieved, he can relax around a s/o or someone close to him and take off his mask (more likely a s/o though, and a long-time s/o, because otherwise you’re not seeing his face) and as long as Kakashi knows the area is secure, I can see him coming home and just pulling down his mask with a long refreshing sigh and flopping down on the couch. He feels safe when he’s at home with his s/o, and if he’s willing to pull down his mask for you, it’s real

•Before Kakashi and his s/o live together, they should expect him to pop up at their house at random. Literally, they could just look over and he’s sitting in their window like “Hey” as if it’s no big deal. It’s weird but it’s Kakashi. It means a lot if he takes time out of his day to pop in and just say hi to his s/o

•This is more of a modern AU headcanon, and a little of a domestic one as well, but I don’t see Kakashi doing well with kids. So starting a family isn’t exactly on his list of aspirations. However, he’d probably have a dog. Seems like a typical Kakashi thing I know, but Kakashi needs some sense of responsibility aside from work, so he’d enjoy having a pet to feed and play with. And I only say modern AU because besides ninken, Kakashi in canon verse probably wouldn’t have time for a recreational pet. In a modern, more relaxed AU, his dog is basically his best friend. Kakashi seems like the type who’s prone to lonely spells, so a canine companion would help a lot. There’s nothing he loves more than coming home from a long day of work and having his dog yap all excitedly and jump on him. It just makes him feel good

•Kakashi sleeps more on the couch than he does his bed. If he can make it to his bed then sure, he’ll crash there. Otherwise, if he relaxes on the couch for a few minutes and finds he can’t be bothered to make it to his bedroom, he’ll just fall asleep there

•Also, he’s more comfortable sleeping with a sheet than a full blanket 

•Not the best cook out there. He always ends up burning the food or even himself if he tries to make a decent meal. He went through a short phase where he’d actually survive on food pills and nothing else