•This is a tedious and confusing process for Shikamaru, mostly because he’s developing feelings for a friend—his best friend. To him, that just seems so inconceivable and ridiculous. He always figured he’d develop feelings for and potentially marry someone who seemed appealing, not necessarily someone he had known beforehand. So he’s a little overwhelmed when he finally comes to terms with these feelings 

•He doesn’t tell anyone about it, because he probably hasn’t completely come to grips with it himself. He’d likely spend a few weeks, maybe even a few months hoping it just goes away. Hoping it’s just some random mishap he has to get over

•Once he realizes what’s going on though, he acts a little different around her. It’s not easy for Shikamaru to lose his cool around girls, especially a girl he likes, but given that they’re best friends, it’s impossible for him to go about their relationship normally now. If he’s still trying to come to terms with his feelings, it’s all the more difficult. He wants to act normal and pretend like nothing is wrong, but it’s not easy when he’s looking at her and just thinking about all the reasons he likes her

•He might even try to focus on her flaws in some feeble attempt to force the feelings away. Shikamaru just doesn’t seem like the type who is okay with developing feelings for someone, much less his best friend. He doesn’t want to get absorbed in romance, so he’ll try hard to shake off what he thinks is just a little “crush”

•She’ll probably start to notice his unusual behavior though. The way their conversations have changed, the way his demeanor has changed… it just bothers her. He doesn’t seem relaxed when they’re together, he can’t look her in the eye, he finds countless excuses as to why he can’t hang out with her. It’s if and when she decides to confront him about this behavior that he might confess what’s been on his mind

•It’s a rather awkward and strained conversation though, since Shikamaru isn’t very good at these sort of things. He’ll just try to be honest and explain that he’s been thinking about her as more than a friend recently… and it’s been ‘confusing’ him. But he’ll also apologize for his behavior, not one to hold back on an apology for his pride

•He knows he’s probably hurt her and treated her unfairly. She’s still his best friend at the end of the day, whether or not she reciprocates his feelings. So he knows he can’t let her suffer on account of his conflicted affections