I don’t know that prank actually lol. I had to look it up here. This is a tricky request so I hope these are decent!


•To be quite frank, I don’t see Sasuke tolerating pranks very much. Even in a modern AU. If they’re believable, that’s even worse. Because he gets all worked up only to find out it was just fake in the end. He probably won’t talk to his s/o for days afterward

•As for the coyote trick, Sasuke would sooner call the police on his s/o than let them bring a coyote into the house next to his kid. He’s not going to waste time texting his s/o angrily and bargaining with them. He’ll call animal control quick. He doesn’t play around and doesn’t entertain it. (Plus he’d be able to tell those pics were photoshopped lmao)

•And tbh, after the first time they play a prank on him (it probably spiraled into one big argument too. Sasuke has a sense of humor but only for certain things. Not pranks) he knows not to fall for them again. He may occasionally almost fall for something, but he knows better. He starts learning the signs. He’s good at deciphering when his s/o is lying

•If he somehow keeps falling for them because they are super believable, he’d probably get tired of them. He just really isn’t a guy who enjoys being pranked. Once or twice is enough. He’ll allow a s/o that. Anything more, and he you can see the frustration growing