I usually have writers block constantly? lmao. Sometimes I’ll take a break from writing imagines and write a personal fic (personal or one that you can share with friends) just to get the creative juices flowing. I can’t believe I just said juices I hate myself. but yeah just something personal that you LIKE. Because for me, writer’s block sometimes comes if I have to write a request I’m personally not interested in, like if it’s not a character I really like or a prompt that’s ‘stimulating’. So taking a break to write something that DOES interest me helps sometimes 

Otherwise, something that really helps me when I can’t write a request is to imagine writing it as if it were my favorite character. Like for example, Kakashi is cool but he’s just not one of my favs. So if I’m having trouble writing a Kakashi request, I’ll try to imagine what Tobirama would do in the same situation. Ofc I’m not going to write it as if it were Tobirama, I’ll change the imagines to fit Kakashi’s personality, but sometimes putting your favs in the same situations will get your brain going and help you get a little more creative. That helps me if I think I’m not writing creative enough or with enough diversity in my imagines